What type of lawyer do I need?

Asked on Jul 31st, 2017 on Animal Law - Connecticut
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2 yrs ago I bought a dog from a pet store. He was sold to us a purebred with AKC papers. Our veterinarian suspected he was not a purebred because of his size. We had a DNA test done and he is NOT a purebred as we were told. What kind of lawyer do we need to get to pursue a case against the pet store or the breeder. This dog was financed and will cost $6000 plus by the end of the payment contract.
Answered on Aug 29th, 2017 at 9:24 AM
I would suggest filing in Small Claims Court.  Any contract litigator should be able to assist you.  It sounds like fraud and breach of contract.  Please contact me if you would like further assistance in this matter.

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