What can I do if someone stole my dog from the school and the police don't help or the school?

Asked on Mar 02nd, 2017 on Animal Law - New York
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My dog was stolen from my daughter school some school staff saw it and told me I call the police reported and they told me to get the suspect license plates. After two hard weeks of driving around and posting pictures of my dog I finally got the suspect address and license plate call the police but still no answer
Answered on Mar 02nd, 2017 at 6:23 PM
You called the police, but did you make a police report? You must do that in order for them to take action. If you did make a police report, you didn't say how much time has gone by.  Follow up with the police, and if they are unable to get the dog back for you for some reason (if, for example, the person claims they have some ownership right to your dog) you may need to hire a lawyer to sue the thief for replevin, to get back possession of your dog. 
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