Our HOA is trying to label our dog dangerous- he bit another dog. The first time the dog was on our property,second time in front of house. Same dog

Asked on Apr 06th, 2017 on Animal Law - Florida
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Our dog bit the same dog twice, however no other dogs. The dog that he bit ran after him when he was a puppy off leash twice. The other dog is off leash on many occasions. The dog received stiches but was not severely injured. Our dog however is a German Shepard. He has been trained. I tutor and many times students come into my house, and he has never attacked any child. He does bark, but he is more scared of them and will run into his crate. We need help as Animal control has not investigated us and are using other people in our HOA that are now saying that our dog has caused problems with them. Not one filed a case with animal control or reported anything until HOA called animal control. The HOA said they wanted out dog deemed dangerous before calling Animal Control.
Answered on Apr 07th, 2017 at 9:49 AM
You will likely need to hire a lawyer to deal with this HOA dispute. Unfortunately, HOA battles are often very costly so you will need to plan on spending several thousand dollars on legal fees just to get started on dealing with such issues. 
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