My small dog was mauled by 2 pit bulls mixes on Monday. Injuries sustained made it necessary to put her down. Any recourse available?

Asked on Apr 06th, 2017 on Animal Law - New York
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Answered on Apr 06th, 2017 at 12:00 PM
I am so sorry for your loss. I can't tell you how many times when out for a walk, I've had to grab my 7lb toy poodle dog away from large dogs who are off the leash or carelessly leashed, letting them come right up to my dog. The law is heartbreakingly callous in wrongful death of a pet cases, whether by veterinary malpractice or in your situation, in every jurisdiction in the country with a exception of a few rare, isolated cases. You would likely be able to collect either the cost of euthanizing your dog or the market value of your dog- whichever is less, unless you could prove the dog had a "special value" to you (service animal, prize-winning show dog, etc.).  Even in those situations, the value is usually put at a few hundred dollars. And I am assuming you are completely without fault here- I'm not even going to ask how it happened. There is no compensation available under the law for the emotional distress associated with losing a pet. 
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