My father's dog broke out of my grip in his yard as a neighbor was walking by. She did nothing to prevent the problem and I was bit by her dog breakin

Asked on Feb 24th, 2017 on Animal Law - New York
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Breaking up the dogs. I am disabled and this was very difficult to do. She also crossed to my side of the street after the dogs had started barking at one another and could have turned around and left. She did nothing to help me then when it was over sat in the middle of the street yelling help me while I laid in a ditch holding my father's dog. She eventually got up and walked away perfectly fine. I had torn ligaments in my left hand, a dog bite on my right, my chest was scratched up badly. The dog may have bit my chest but it was had to tell the difference between his claws and teeth, my ribs were injured. The xrays showed no fractures but I was hurt badly enough that I required home health care, home nurse, Pysical Theripist, Ocupational Therapist. As far as I understand she is suing my father for harassment and something else. I don't recall.
Answered on Mar 03rd, 2017 at 8:49 AM
If you can prove you were bitten by her dog, and not your father's dog, you have a case. The fact that this person crossed the street with her dog and walked toward you AFTER the dogs started barking at each other is very strange, and shows something more than negligence- it seems like the malicious instigation of a dog fight. Keep in mind that since your father's dog broke our of your grip and, apparently, out of your father's yard, if you start a lawsuit, she will likely bring your father into it, and you and he will likely be assigned some degree of fault.  From now on your father MUST keep the dog better secured in his yard, and you should NEVER be put in a position of watching a dog you can't control, or breaking up a dog fight- nobody should. 
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