live in an hoa that allows 2 animals, my daughter found two kittens 3 years ago and rise them, now the association is forcing us to call humane

Asked on Feb 16th, 2017 on Animal Law - Florida
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society to take them away or pay up to 1000 fine, I assume that if we dont pay they will put a lien on the property. my question is can they do more then that ? my daughters is devastated. This community is packed with people with 3 and 4 animals, which is not my problem. My daughter kept the kittens after the kittens mother got killed. My daughter says that she doesn't want to live anymore and she is not eating and doesn't want to go to school. Please help me with this issue. They told us that on top of the fine that we couldn't use the swimming pool, the gym and that the sticker for the automatic gate entrance will be cancelled . Please guide me
Answered on Feb 17th, 2017 at 1:16 PM
You won't find reliable "guidance" in a legal sense in an internet blurb. You will have to actually retain a lawyer for that purpose. YOU will start with having to decide whether your daughters well being and the kittens are worth the $1,000.00 payment, whcih BTW will be far cheaper than any legal fees you'll spend. Other than being histrionic - if your daughter is making the comments you reference you will need to seek IMMEDIATE psychological counseling as she obviously has some deep seated issues that may well extend well beyond the issues with the kittens regardless of how this all plays out. If she won't  go, then you may have to consider Baker Acting her for her own safety. If you just ignore the HOA they will allow the fines to accummulate and ultimate foreclose on the property. 
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