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The truck driver delivering the oil to my house neglected to shut the gate and my dog got out. We always confirm the night before a delivery.

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For several years now, the oil company calls me the night before an oil delivery so I can unlock the gate. They are aware that I have a dog and know to either just make sure the gate is securely closed and/or put the lock on if they could reach. When I arrived home, it was dark and drizzling and I go through my garage to further secure the dog from running into the busy street I live on. I let the dog out and didn't realize the gate was opened. When I went to call her she was gone. I was hysterical running through the streets. I found her running down a street and it took almost an hr. To get her. I called the company and they apologized and promised that the supervisor of the driver will call the next day. I called again in the morning hysterically crying and Ralph, the supervisor wasn't in yet. He never called but had someone named Alex call who apologized and said he would give me s good oil price next season. That's not good enough. I am sick over this.
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Answered on Apr 01st, 2017 at 10:42 PM

Actually, it's more than good enough. You're lucky your dog didn't run into the street and bite somebody, because if she had, guess who would have been responsible? You. Not your oil company. Next time check your gate before you let the dog out, or better yet, put your dog on a leash and take her for a nice walk. If she takes off running at first opportunity, she obviously needs some exercise.  

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