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My diabetic dog died after dental surgery. She was left alone at the facility after it closed for 12 hours with no monitoring of her vials

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My diabetic dog had dental surgery, 23 teeth were removed. When the vets office closed at 7 p.m. She was left alone all night with no monitoring of her vitals and no one with her for 12 hours. When they returned at 8a.m. They found her blood sugar had plummeted, they tried to get her blood sugar up all morning. I went there to see her, she was sick and suffering, the vet asked me how I felt seeing her like that? After awhile I was asked to leave. I called back an hour later and was told I would have to transport her to a critical care facility as they did not have the equipment to measure her look oxegen. Upon arrival at the critical care facility I had to give them$2,000 for them to treat her. She was there 6 hours when I received a call that I should come to the facility as she was to weak to fight anymore and had to be humanely euthanized, she had developed a blood clot in her lung probably from the anesthesia.
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Answered on Mar 23rd, 2017 at 7:09 AM

If yo asking about a vet malpractice case - this can be addresed - however they are generally NOT contingent fee cases and usualy require a significant financial investment to pursue as you will usually have to hire the lawyer out pocket with a retainer/hourly rate case. 

All responses are NOT to be considered legal advice nor to be relied upon in any as such nor to establish any form of attorney/client relationship. Opinions expressed are solely informational and not a substitute for proper legal advice provided by a properly retained after thoroughly researching the issues presented.

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