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Hoarding Pets Yes You Can Have Too Many Friends
Many of us have a pet or two. They're our friends, companions, and a part of our families, and so they're well-cared for and loved. Some pet owners go too far, however, and keep more animals than they can properly care for. Pet Hoarding Pet hoarding is when someone keeps dozens or even hundreds of pets ... READ MORE

Keeping Your Pets Safe While on the Road
How often do you see someone driving down the road with a dog in their car or in the bed of their pickup truck? Now, think about it again: How many times have you seen the dog wearing a seat belt or safely secured in the truck bed? Probably never. There are items you can buy to keep your pet, and you, ... READ MORE

Suspected Puppy Mill Shut Down: 600 Animals Rescued
Margaret Boyd, 72, is the owner of a kennel in Kaufman County, Texas. She's suspected of running a puppy mill after nearly 600 dogs and cats were rescued from her property. It All Started with a Phone Call Mrs. Boyd was concerned that her puppies were not selling well and she needed money, so she called ... READ MORE

Who's Liable For A Sick Pet?
Your pet is part of the family whether it's a dog, a cat, or a more exotic animal. The trouble is when you buy a pet from a pet store, a breeder, or other merchant, there's a chance you may get a sick animal. It's heartbreaking to see a cherished companion suffer, but as much as you love your pet, it ... READ MORE

Veterinarian Malpractice - Is it Worth Suing?
Your pet is a member of your family; a trusted companion and reliable friend. When it doesn't feel well, you do everything you can to get it the best medical treatment. When your pet doesn't get well or dies, your first impulse may be to file a lawsuit for veterinarian malpractice, but is it worth suing? ... READ MORE

What to Do If You Witness Animal Abuse
When Michael Vick was convicted for his role in a dog fighting scheme, the country's attention was focused on animal cruelty. He's since served his time in jail, and that sad episode is over. But animal abuse and cruelty remains a problem. What's Abuse? Animal abuse takes many forms. Animals can be abused ... READ MORE

Rabies Vaccination: Surviving the Bite
Most states require rabies vaccinations for some animals, and the vaccination can save the life of someone bitten by a rabid animal. ... READ MORE

What You Need to Know When Adopting a Pet
There are thousands of animals in thousands of animal shelters across the US waiting for someone to adopt and take them home. Before you grab the car keys and head for the local shelter, it's a good idea to know how the process works. There are decisions you needed to make, like what type of pet you're ... READ MORE


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This is really a political issue intertwined with a legal one. You will want to hire a lawyer to attend the commission meeting and work with you to prevent any adverse ordinance changes or actions. Th ...Read more

For $1,000.00 its not likely worth fighting over on the basis that "the vet sucks". If you agreed your dog was in the wrong and signed an agreement the agreement controls, by whatever yerms it has, bu ...Read more

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Q: Who Is Responsible For A Dog Bite Injury If The Dog Was Provoked?When the confetti settled after a birthday party gone awry, there were two different bleeding bite wound victims. One was the guest ... Read more

Animal Attack Or Dog Bites – What You Need To Know About Liability In NY

In many states, laws surrounding animal bites can make pursuing compensation for damages complicated. In New York State, we follow what’s known as the “One Bite” Law. The “One ... Read more

Five Ways For Dog Owners To Prevent Dog Bites

What’s a dog owner to do? As summer draws near, we all begin to plan weekend trips and days at the beach or park with family pet. However, as the temperature warms, so does the danger of dog bit ... Read more

What to Do After a Dog Attack

How to Protect Yourself From Being Bitten By a Dog

You may worry about becoming the victim of a vicious dog’s attack as this is a very real fear for some people. Perhaps, you know of someone who was injured or even killed by a dog and are worrie ... Read more

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