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Animal law is designed to protect the welfare and interests of pets, wildlife, farm animals, animals used in entertainment, and animals used in research and experiments. In addition to defining the rights of animals, animal law also defines the rights of animal owners. Issues may include custody over pets in divorce disputes, veterinary malpractice, wrongful death or injury to a pet, enforceable trusts for pets, disputes involving "no pet" policies, and cruelty against animals, including the issue of who has standing to sue on behalf of animals.

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Ask a Lawyer - Animal Law questions answered by leading lawyers
Can I sue my county for not doing their job?
I live in a county that has a leash law. I live on a street where I have been dealing with up to 7 dogs running loose on the street and leaving deposits in my yard since 2012 since I have been complaining to the dog catcher about this. Problem is on of the leash law abusers is a county employee and they are being called and given a copy of my emails and informed the dog catcher will be coming to the street so they put their dog in. I have been dealing with this since 2012 and can't get the county to do their job. I need help and now.
Is it legal for my HOA to tell me I have to keep my three outdoor domesticated cats on a leash or ke
My wife and I have cared for 3 outdoor domesticated cats for the past 7 years. These cats are gentle, but do roam freely. Someone in the community has now complained and has filed a complaint with the HOA, who then sent us a violation letter concerning The ROAMING issue. The letter states we are in violation of the association by-laws that all pets off one's property must be on a leash! These 3 cats have been properly cared for by our local veterinarian registered with Palm Beach County and pose no threat. The HOA is threatening us with fines or leans on our house if we don't comply within the next 60 days. We need to know if we have any legal recourse.
Service animal illegally trained and trainer will not do anything more.
I register my dog in service animal training and the trainer knew I did not have a disability and said that it was still legal to train him as one. After training was over he tells me it is illegal and my dog is a companion animal and refuses to refund my money. I contacted local PD and they do not know anything about service animals or the laws and told me to contact an attorney for them to decide if this is a civil or criminal case. I have tried to find one in my area but no luck. I was told that this is fraud for him training my dog and knowing full when it is illegal and not telling me that till the end of training.
I purchased a puppy on Saturday. The owner wants the dog back. What are my rights?
The owner gave up the dog because their older dog was not accepting the new puppy. We stated discussing rehoming the puppy on July 14th. I paid $300 for the puppy and have a receipt which includes the date, puppy name and price. Her husband is now calling and texting me demanding the dog back. They have my work address but not my home. I promised her pictures but my phone has not been working so he said I have not completed my part of the agreement. I do not want to return the puppy.
I am being sued for a dog fight resulting inn the loss of the plantifs animal and they are asking fo
Just need to know the type of lawyer I shouldspeak with. it seems there are a lot of problems with their case.
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