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Rabies Vaccination: Surviving the B...

Dog bites can be a big pain for everyone - the victim, the dog owner and the dog! Bites from wild animals can be dangerous, too. In either case, you face the ...Read more

Veterinarian Malpractice - Is it Wo...

Your pet is a member of your family; a trusted companion and reliable friend. When it doesn't feel well, you do everything you can to get it the best medical treatme...Read more

What to Do If You Witness Animal Ab...

When Michael Vick was convicted for his role in a dog fighting scheme, the country's attention was focused on animal cruelty. He's since served his time in jail, and...Read more

Animal Law

Hoarding Pets Yes You Can Have Too Many Friends

Many of us have a pet or two. They're our friends, companions, and a part of our families, and so they're well-cared for and loved. Some pet owners go too far, however, and keep more animals than they can properly care for. Pet Hoarding Pet hoarding is when someone keeps dozens or even hundreds of pets in their homes or on their property, and often with tragic results. For in... Read More

Additional Animal Law Topics

Additional Animal Law Topics