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Just need to plan on spending severl thousand dollars on legal fees to get such a lawsuit started and hire a lawyer to pursue the lawsuit ASAP. 

The doggie daycare facility is mistaken. If you can prove that your dog acquired the illness at the facility and it was not a pre-existing condition, to which you will need a veterinarian to testify, ...Read more

Contracts are contracts and they operate by thier terms. Unless you want to spend lots of money fighting over the issue - look elsewhere for a puppy. 

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Q: Who Is Responsible For A Dog Bite Injury If The Dog Was Provoked?When the confetti settled after a birthday party gone awry, there were two different bleeding bite wound victims. One was the guest ... Read more

Animal Attack Or Dog Bites – What You Need To Know About Liability In NY

In many states, laws surrounding animal bites can make pursuing compensation for damages complicated. In New York State, we follow what’s known as the “One Bite” Law. The “One ... Read more

Five Ways For Dog Owners To Prevent Dog Bites

What’s a dog owner to do? As summer draws near, we all begin to plan weekend trips and days at the beach or park with family pet. However, as the temperature warms, so does the danger of dog bit ... Read more

What to Do After a Dog Attack

How to Protect Yourself From Being Bitten By a Dog

You may worry about becoming the victim of a vicious dog’s attack as this is a very real fear for some people. Perhaps, you know of someone who was injured or even killed by a dog and are worrie ... Read more

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