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Animal law is designed to protect the welfare and interests of pets, wildlife, farm animals, animals used in entertainment, and animals used in research and experiments. In addition to defining the rights of animals, animal law also defines the rights of animal owners. Issues may include custody over pets in divorce disputes, veterinary malpractice, wrongful death or injury to a pet, enforceable trusts for pets, disputes involving "no pet" policies, and cruelty against animals, including the issue of who has standing to sue on behalf of animals.

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Ask a Lawyer - Animal Law questions answered by leading lawyers
Is Lee County Animal Services Responsible for warning me that dog can become aggressive due to breed
In 2007 I adopted a dog from Lee County Animal Services, they gave me the dog as a male, she was a female, as verified by a vet to whom I took the dog after adopting. I went back to them for them to correct the gender of the dog. They listed the dog as Lab mix, but the dog is clearly a catahoula leopard mix. THey failed to tell me the dog of this breed has one unique development, when reach old age: she becomes highly aggressive. She target all other dogs we have many times, the stress and fear was high here at home for the last year till two weeks ago, when we euthanize her. Vet who oversaw the euthanize told us this is known and should have been disclosed to us before we decided to adopt her. This seems to be negligence from Lee County Animal Services. I need to know if you can counsel us on this matter and what can happen.
I have 3 indoor/outside cats. My new next door neighbor hates cats. She said they went into her back
owner loved them. She called animal control used food baited traps to entice them and trapped them and had them removed. Is this legal?
I moved in with my mom 2 years ago with my cat and she was willingly feeding him. Now I have moved o
I have documentation that I al the owner of this cat at multiple places. And text messages stating that I could get him and then saying I can't. I don't know if it helps but I also have tons of pictures when he was younger and la pet licence stating that he is mine. My mother has threatened me stating she will charge me with trespassing if I come to her property. I still have mail being received there.
If I already went to mediation do i need to file a response to the claim before I have my hearing in
This is a small claims case, I'm the defendant representing myself. I'm being sued by a dog breeder (I'm not even sure if she's even licensed to breed..) over a dog that was given to me from a friend. this friend, after a couple of weeks decided the dog was too much to handle and couldn't give the attention the dog needed, so she called the breeder back to have her take her back. the breeder repeatedly ignored or procrastinated about getting the dog back. So my friend was left to make a decision, I was able and willing to give the dog a good home so she gave her to me. Now the breeder is suing me, that I agreed to the same guidelines that she had with my friend, that was to take care of a litter of puppies for payment of the dog. So the dog was never pregnant and so the breeder wants 2500$ for the possible litter she "could have had" if she had the dog back. But in my eyes the breeder abandon the dog.
Can I sue my county for not doing their job?
I live in a county that has a leash law. I live on a street where I have been dealing with up to 7 dogs running loose on the street and leaving deposits in my yard since 2012 since I have been complaining to the dog catcher about this. Problem is on of the leash law abusers is a county employee and they are being called and given a copy of my emails and informed the dog catcher will be coming to the street so they put their dog in. I have been dealing with this since 2012 and can't get the county to do their job. I need help and now.
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