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Animal law is designed to protect the welfare and interests of pets, wildlife, farm animals, animals used in entertainment, and animals used in research and experiments. In addition to defining the rights of animals, animal law also defines the rights of animal owners. Issues may include custody over pets in divorce disputes, veterinary malpractice, wrongful death or injury to a pet, enforceable trusts for pets, disputes involving "no pet" policies, and cruelty against animals, including the issue of who has standing to sue on behalf of animals.

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Ask a Lawyer - Animal Law questions answered by leading lawyers
I purchased a puppy on Saturday. The owner wants the dog back. What are my rights?
The owner gave up the dog because their older dog was not accepting the new puppy. We stated discussing rehoming the puppy on July 14th. I paid $300 for the puppy and have a receipt which includes the date, puppy name and price. Her husband is now calling and texting me demanding the dog back. They have my work address but not my home. I promised her pictures but my phone has not been working so he said I have not completed my part of the agreement. I do not want to return the puppy.
I am being sued for a dog fight resulting inn the loss of the plantifs animal and they are asking fo
Just need to know the type of lawyer I shouldspeak with. it seems there are a lot of problems with their case.
My dog was killed by a car while it was left fog dog care to another person? Can I ask for any damag
We found a person though Dogvacay site and we left the dog for a few days in her care. While she was walking the dog he ran and he was hit by a car and killed. Can we ask for any emotional and material damages?
can i get your advice soon?
my dog was impounded and on the same day i had a warrant signed for my arrest for overworking animals improper shelter. i had him in a kennel with a beach umbrella over the top no warnings from the officer. he trespassed on private property as well.
My service dog has twice been attacked by another dog in my neighborhood. What type of lawyer do I n
I am seeking legal advice on what charges/penalties I can seek against the irresponsible pet owner and how to ensure this does not happen again.
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